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The Daughters

of the

Pennsylvania State Association


2020 - 2021

Subject to Change

1. Abbie M. Johnson, Directress Corliss Lewis

2. Aids Awareness, Directress Yolanda Wright

3. Anniversary & Flowers, Directress Barbara Shealey

4. Arts & Crafts, Directress Deborah Myers

5. Battered Women, Directress Patricia Demiranda

6. Bond, Directress Shirley Watts,/ Clara Smith

7. Budget Committee, Directress Carmella Boykin

                                                    Sharelle Bond-Palmer

8. Cancer Awareness, Directress Marva Boyer

9. Charity, Directress Hellen McCollum

10. Charity for Local Temples, Marge Eubanks, Donna Freeman

11. Delegates Department , Directress Tanya Jones

12. Directress Report, Directress Sharelle Bond-Palmer

13. Emergency Relief, Bennedette Greene/ Jeffery Handy

14. Entertainment, Directresses (W) Deborah Winbush,

                                                   (NW) Karen Howard

                                                   (C) Yolanda Anderson

                                                   (E)Bernadette Henderson

15. Glamour, Directress Patricia Gulley

16. Hearing Impaired, Directress Carolyn R. Smith

17. Hospitality, Directress, Balinda Walker

18. Officers Commissions, Directress Sharelle Bond-Palmer 

19. Presentation, Directress Barbara Redcross

20. Queens Department, Directress Robin M. Freeman

21. Rainy Day, Directress Lois Richardson

22. Rose Rankin Ways and Means, Directress Genora Gosha

23. Security, Grace Gales, Raymond Butts, Jr.

24. Show Case, Deborah Winbush & Terry Haynes

25. Sickle Cell, Directress Estella D. McRae

26. Special People, Directress Laverne Ritchie

27. State Choir, Directress Glynis Williams

28. State Directory, Directress Faith Gantt

29. State President Emerti, Directress Alicia Hodges

30. State President Special Projects, Directress Patricia Armstead Coleman

31. State Presidents, Directress Lynn Butler

32. Supply, Directress Priscilla Lewis

33. Technology, Directress Deborah M. Watson

34. Ushers, Directress Deidre I. Groves

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