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2024 & 2025
Brothers & Daughters

Past State Presidents


Brother PSP Officers

Lonce Scott - President

William H. Alexander - Vice President
Leroy Wood - Fin. Sec.
Vance Langston - Treasurer
Paul Grant - Sgt. At Arms
Sebastian Collins - Chaplin
Robert Spradley- Recording Secretary

Daughter PSP Officers

Sherrie L. Jones - President
Yolanda Anderson - Vice President
2nd Vice President - Benita Cabell
Corliss Lewis - Chaplin
Linda K. Anderson - Fin. Sec.
Gwen Cooley - Treasurer
Sandra Logan - Recording Secretary
Gracie Rome - Chairperson
Alisha Thompson - Secretary
Terrie Hendrick - 3yr.
Linda Banister - 1yr.
Laverna Ritchie - 1yr.


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