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Education Department 

Bro. Lonce Scott, Director 
Dgt. Hellen McCollum, Directress

Greeting PA Sate Association Education Team and Education Advocates,
I hope all is well with you. I wanted you all to start thinking about the Education Department 2020 Oratorical contest and begin to think locally on moving the needle forward in recruitment of Oratorical Contestants.
Here are the flyers I recommend that should be given out to agencies and potential contestants.   Please review the documents:
Information about the two attached documents: ( I suggest that you give out or send these documents together)
  1. 2020 topics –  Give an overview of the 2020 topics
  2. Instruction for the Education Oratorical Document -  Please note to add the name, email and number for your local lodge or temple contact in the highlighted area ( I sent it as a word doc. so it can be easily modified)
Other suggestions  and thoughts:
  • Use the timeframe of now until February to cultivate interest and partnerships with local High School, Elks and Youth Agencies to cultivate contestants
  • I suggest that local oratorical contest be done in late April or early May .   This will enable the youth to retain their subject matter.
  • The PA State Oratorical Contest Will be on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 3pm,  at the state conventions.
  • Our Goal is to have 4-6 contestants compete in the State Contest for 2020
Bro. Lonce Scott
State Director of Education
PA State Association


The following file below are the
Guidelines for the 2020 State Along with Topics 
for the 
2020 National Convention in Baltimore, MD