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Daughters of the PA State Association



2022 - 2023

Iris J. Jones, Daughter State President

Antoinette Barnes-Gooden, 1st Vice President

Grace Gales, 2nd Vice President

Vermille C. Blake, State Chaplain

Brenda L. Coney, State Financial Secretary

Deborah S. Corbin, Assist. State Financial Secretary

Yvonne B. Clark, State Treasurer

Antonia E. Green, State Recorder

Karen Howard, Assist. State Recorder

Betty Dunbar, State Conductress

Shirley Watts, Assist. State Conductress

Bennedette Green, Assist. to Assist. State Conductress

Elaine Townsend, State Inner Guard

Sherrie Davis, State Outer Guard

Paquitta Curry, State Trustee, Chairman

Elizabeth Jennings, State Trustee, Secretary

Lee Annett Prysock, State Trustee 2 Year

Vera Threat, State Trustee

Yolanda Wright, State Trustee

Judith L. Alexander, State Auditor

Deborah M. Watson, State Organist

Glynis V. Williams, State Songbird

Madeline J. Jones, State President Emeriti

Lois J. Curry, State President Emeriti

Irene R. Groves, State Auditor Emeriti

Deborah E. Myers, Grand District Deputy of Record 

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